Holy Moly! It’s DONE! After all this time and all this stress, it’s done!

So much of me went into this project, and I will be crushed if I don’t win!

I had to basically plan a whole runway show for Valentino, so take a look at it! Let me know what you think!


Who wore it better? AGAIN!

Nothing beats the embarrassment of someone else wearing the same thing as you. Unless, of course, they look better in it! Here’s a few fashion duplicates. Be sure to let me know who you think wore it better?

Round 1: Diane Kruger v. Celine Dion in Balmain

Without a doubt, Celine is the winner here! From the shape she gives the dress to her hair to that fierce pose, she looks AMAZING!

Round 2: Chelsea Handler v. Claire Danes in Lanvin

Oh my God! I love Chelsea and this dress just makes me love her more! She definitely takes the cake in this round. The skirt is just too long and too puffy for Claire.

Round 3: Suri Cruise v. Violet Affleck

I’d be a HORRIBLE person to say that one looks better than the other! I mean, c’mon! They’re both so adorable! 

Remember! Let me know who you all think wore it better!

Would you rather…..? Part Two!

Oh, it has been long past overdue for a new “Would you rather?” post. Now I should warn you beforehand that this one is a little out there and interesting. However, it definitely will make you think!

In the theme of the up coming summer/bikini season, here it is!

Would you rather have the fame and fortune of Donnatella Versace and have her bikini body? Or, would you rather have Kate Moss’s bikini body but have her cocaine reputation?

If I were to choose, well, I’d actually chose Donatella’s. First of all, if I can wear a bikini at her age, it’d be a miracle. Props to her for flaunting her stuff at her age. Plus, she’s got the money to handle all that! On top of that, I wouldn’t mind being her, taking into account her power and name!

Whose bikini body would you all rather have?

Picture Sources: DonnatellaKate

What I’ve Been Working on the Past Week!

Ever since our L.A. Spring Break trip, I’ve been in love with FIDM. In hopes of attending, I’ve been doing everything to convince my parents to let me go! From begging to working on a scholarship, I’ve done it all!

Speaking of the scholarship, I’ve been working on a FIDM scholarship that can grant me up to $24,000. The scholarship requires me to, essentially, create a runway show. I have to pick a designer’s Fall or Spring 2011 collection. Once I’ve selected the designer, I have to choose 10 looks. The last steps are to pick hair, make-up, and design the runway. It’s a ton of work, but I hope it will pay off! Literally!

Winning this scholarship would be amazing and would make me so extremely happy!

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Covergirl

Have you been dying to try an amazing foundation that won’t break the bank? For the past couple of months, I have been using Covergirl’s NatureLuxe Silk Foundation. I love this product. It’s smooth, smells great, goes on easily, and feels super comfortable. When I wear it, people ask me all the time if I’m even wearing makeup. That means that this foundation gives you coverage without looking like you just applied 5 tons of makeup.

The foundation comes in 14 different colors, so there is sure to be a color for every skin tone.

The product only costs about $7.00. It can be found in any drug store or grocery store. So next time you need a gallon of milk, pick up some Covergirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation. You’ll love it!

And by the way, Taylor Swift is on the commercial for it. I’m pretty sure that qualifies as a great product!

Royaly Dressed

Who ever didn’t know about the Royal Wedding has clearly been living under a rock. Forget the guests, the most spectacular ensembles attended the wedding. From the hats to the dresses, everyone looked ravishing! Check out the best of the best, according to Vogue!


Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen


Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece 

WHAT (On Victoria): Her own design, Philip Treacy hat, and Christian Louboutin shoes

WHAT (On David): Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Charlene Wittstock 

WHAT: Akris

Princess Máxima of the Netherlands

Princess Beatrice of York 

WHAT: Valentino Couture


Pippa Middleton 

WHAT: Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen


Queen Sofía of Spain 

Sophie Windsor 

WHAT: Armani


A Quick and Easy Hair Fix


It seems that when I find something new to do with my hair, I keep it that way for a LONG time. For almost an entire semester I kept my short hair curled by using a non-barrel curling iron. Which, by the way, is the only curling iron I’ve used (and trust me I’ve tried plenty!)  that keeps my hair curled. I never even needed hair spray! After the curl phase, I straightened my hair. Now, it’s all about the scrunched and wavy look! The beach wave has been and still is a popular hairdo. I’m able to accomplish it with just a few easy steps.

1) After my shower, I french braid my hair while it’s still wet. I don’t blow dry it, I don’t air dry it, I braid it while it’s still dripping water. If any part of the braid is loose, I’ll bobby pin it. Then I go to bed.

2) In the morning, I undo the braid. Because my hair was wet the night before, it’s damp after coming out of the braid. The damp hair is perfect for moussing it.

3) Using the Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Mousse, I spray some in my hand and simply scrunch it into my hair. Don’t be afraid of the mousse! I put as much as I need. I scrunch from the bottom to top, making sure that every part of my head gets an equal amount of mousse.

4) I then flip my head and scrunch, again from the bottom to top.

5) The last step is optional even though the mousse bottle recommends it be done. You can blow dry your hair to keep the waves in tact. I don’t dry my hair, and the waves still stay in tact.

That’s it! In four (or five) easy steps, you can have effortless and playful hair that looks like you just came from the beach! This hair will definitely put you in the mood for summer!

Banana Republic Extravaganza

Banana Republic is, hands down, my favorite store! I would love to be a buyer for them, or even just working there! Though it’s a little pricy, it’s affordable once I get a job. Take a look  at this outfit that’s ALL Banana Republic. Sadly, it’s also $341.98, but it’s cute!

Zipper shoes
$120 –

Banana Republic snake handbag
$120 –

Chain jewelry
$20 –

Does this really have to be an issue?

Very recently, a popular blogger, Scott Schuman, also known as the Satorialist, has been under hot fire with the his readers. His blog post about a fellow blogger,  Angelika Ardasheva, has created a major conflict. Schuman chose to say about Ardasheva,

“I loved that she’s a bigger, curvier girl than most of the other bloggers who you see in the press and tend to represent the genre.”

Many of his readers chose to focus on those two words: bigger and curvier. However, the point Schuman was trying to make was,

“The subtle thing she achieves so successfully in these two looks is to complement the sturdy but beautiful shape of her legs with an equally strong shoe. A daintier shoe would be overpowered but these shoes create a beautiful harmony for the lower half of her body.”

Schuman’s intentions weren’t to offend anyone, yet it seems that several people were offended. Why, though? Is there really anything to be offended about? Aren’t we all a little bit “bigger” or “curvier” than the average model? There are a select few who are 6 feet tall and 85 pounds.

Today’s society is abusing the word “curvy.” “Curvy” doesn’t mean you’re overweight or that your BMI is higher than it’s supposed to be. To be “curvy” means you have some sort of shape to the silhouette of your body. You’re not just up and down, stick straight. There’s something that the eye can follow, rather than just drop down to the floor.

People were too hung up on these words and forgot to see what Schuman was admiring. If anything he helped his readers. He advised them that even the right shoe can help the look of your figure. People are too sensitive, and I’m sorry to say, get over it!

You know my opinion and now I want to hear yours!

Future Roomies!


With college getting closer and closer every day, there’s a ton of things we need to think about. First of all, where? What do I want to do? How am I gonna pay for it? How am I gonna survive those two to four years financially? Where am I gonna live? All these questions run through a high school seniors mind. There also running through my and Bri’s mind. Both of us are hoping to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, and we want to be roomies!! This is an apartment that we both like in Huntington Beach. We have a spacious family room, a large dining room and kitchen, and roomy bedrooms. We also have a forest in our back patio. By the way, notice that Bri has the bigger closet while I have the laundry room…… 🙂