It’s time for another edition of “Who wore it better?”! Just like the last one, I’ll give you all my opinion. Then you guys can go ahead and do the same.

Match Up #1: Kim Kardashian v. Ciara in Carven

I think the dress is super cute, but I’m not so into the ankle boots. Both girls actually look really good in their identical outfits. However, Ciara appears to be taller and thinner.Every women’s dream!

Match Up #2: Kelly Bensimon v. Brooke Shields in Boden

It’s quite the bold coat, and I think it’s pretty obvious who takes the cake here. Can anyone please tell me why Kelly is wearing velvet sweatpants? Aside from that, the coat does not look at all fitted on her. Brooke’s outfit is well put together, from the scarf to the purse. The clear-cut winner here is Brooke!

Match Up #3: Alessandra Ambrosio v. Winona Ryder in Dolce & Gabbana

Wow, why Winona, why? She looks way too short in that dress. It’s just horrible. Even the way she’s standing doesn’t show any sign of confidence. Now, Alessandra on the other hand looks amazing. It’s a great length for her, and it’s not as full looking as it is on Winona. Plus, she’s actually posing like she enjoys wearing the dress. Without a doubt, Alessandra has won!

Match Up #4: Katharine McPhee v. Anne Hathaway in Marchesa

I think I might give this one to Anne. Her dress, though it’s the same as Katharine’s, seems cleaner and neater. I like the pumps better than the strapy shoes. Plus, I don’t really care for Katharine’s hair in this picture. As for the dress, Anne gives it more shape, so it looks better. Overall, Anne completed this look in every way!

Those are my opinions, so be sure to let me know what you all think!