This weekend I spent some time on Polyvore putting together outfits just for fun. While doing this, I thought to myself, “If this is how I would style a woman, how would a man?”. So, I put that question to the test. I asked a family member to pick out an outfit on Polyvore. He did, and this is what he came up with…………


Cute, right? No! Definitely not! Now, I’m not saying that this is how every man’s taste is, but there are men who think that this is very fashion forward.
I then asked another member of my family, a woman this time, to create an outfit. Here’s what she came up with……….


Better, right? A girl knows what she’s talking about. She knows how to dress her body and  hide her flaws, but a guy has no clue about those things. Now, again, not every guy has a terrible fashion sense, I’m just speaking in general. Although, I think I should be honest. That “man’s” opinion was really my three-year old cousin, Brandon. That still counts though, right?