Oh, it has been long past overdue for a new “Would you rather?” post. Now I should warn you beforehand that this one is a little out there and interesting. However, it definitely will make you think!

In the theme of the up coming summer/bikini season, here it is!

Would you rather have the fame and fortune of Donnatella Versace and have her bikini body? Or, would you rather have Kate Moss’s bikini body but have her cocaine reputation?

If I were to choose, well, I’d actually chose Donatella’s. First of all, if I can wear a bikini at her age, it’d be a miracle. Props to her for flaunting her stuff at her age. Plus, she’s got the money to handle all that! On top of that, I wouldn’t mind being her, taking into account her power and name!

Whose bikini body would you all rather have?

Picture Sources: DonnatellaKate