Nothing beats the embarrassment of someone else wearing the same thing as you. Unless, of course, they look better in it! Here’s a few fashion duplicates. Be sure to let me know who you think wore it better?

Round 1: Diane Kruger v. Celine Dion in Balmain

Without a doubt, Celine is the winner here! From the shape she gives the dress to her hair to that fierce pose, she looks AMAZING!

Round 2: Chelsea Handler v. Claire Danes in Lanvin

Oh my God! I love Chelsea and this dress just makes me love her more! She definitely takes the cake in this round. The skirt is just too long and too puffy for Claire.

Round 3: Suri Cruise v. Violet Affleck

I’d be a HORRIBLE person to say that one looks better than the other! I mean, c’mon! They’re both so adorable! 

Remember! Let me know who you all think wore it better!